15 Facts About Me!

Well hello everyone! (I know there is people I see you in my statistics)

So I was stuck for an idea for a blog post and decided to tell you a bit more about me, because all you know is my name, age and where I’m from.

Here are 15 facts about me for you all to read and laugh at.

1.  My full name is Emily Wheelhouse. I don’t really know the origins of my name but I know I’m named after my parents grandparents but I’m not entirely sure…

2.  I was born 5th December 1997, so I’m 16 years old.

3.  My best friends name is Hannah and I love her to pieces and we became best friends by sharing crayons or something stupid in nursery and we’ve been best friends since.

4.  I can play various musical instruments such as clarinet to grade 6 standard, guitar, drums and I sing a lot too (even though I can’t sing doesn’t mean I won’t sing)

5.  I’m getting bored of talking about myself already…. I’m so boring!

6.  I’m waiting on my GCSE results which are coming in on Thursday and I’m super nervous…

7.  I want to be a music teacher, musician or a YouTuber I haven’t decided.

8.  My music collection needs a huge update.

9.  I have no siblings, only child me!

10.              My phone is breaking.

11.              My favourite place to be is either the garden or walking in country parks, I just feel so relaxed.

12.              I have pyjama days on a weekly/daily basis.
13.              My favourite food is pizza.

14.              My nickname is Mycroft.

15.              I get really tired really quickly and then I get angry…

So I hope you feel like you know me better after this, I hope that you like this little filler post kind of thing…

I don’t know whats going on with the numbers from 10 onwards…

Anyway I will post again later this month with an update on my GCSE grades… probably… if I do well…


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