Dear Readers.

This is something Kat did not long ago, and it got me thinking about how much I appreciate you all.

You all mean something to me, and I know theres not many of you, but you really do mean everything to me. Without you I would have stopped my blog a long time ago, I would never have got as far into this as I have, and I thought I would let you know.

This blog means everything to me, and you do too. I want you to know that I am here, I'm always here if you need me, whenever, no matter what time of day I will reply when I get your message. I always reply to comments, though some I cannot reply to, I do always try to. I love how you interact with my posts and have found me on social media! I want to keep doing this, to keep it growing and building in audience, I'm nearly at 1,000 all time page views, which I never thought I'd reach!

So thank you for your support, your love and thank you for reading my little rambles and the things going on in my head. It seriously means so much that you take the time to read my blog. I am starting to vlog soon, so I will be posting my vlogs on here, and maybe on my channel, though I do want to start doing a midweek video for you all on a Wednesday in the summer. I've never really told you how much I appreciate you, so I thought I would now, I appreciate you, and you all have a special place in my heart.

Thank you, and much love, Em xxx

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Introducing Me


Here it is for you to watch.

I really hope you like it, it took me so long to pluck up the courage to do it omg you don't understand how hard it is haha. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it, let me know in the comments, and subscribe to my channel! I will be doing lots more in the future, so thank you all for giving me the courage to do it. 

Lots of love, Em xxx

P.S. Thanks to Kat for the post, it literally melted my heart. I love you xx

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I'm currently sitting in English watching a video for Language Aquisition, and I thought I would drop you a line.

I'm 180 views away from 1000, and I want to know what you want to see from me at this milestone! Please let me know in the comments, do you want a Q&A, or a vlog, or a sit down video talking about me or what???

Let me know!

Thanks, lots of love, Em xxx

P.S. we were watching Stephen Fry. Help.



I've been thinking recently about how people assume things. Authors assuming their readers know about the topic, people assuming I don't like something, people assuming I'm in a relationship with my best guy friend.

This stems down from being asked multiple times if my friend is my boyfriend. You might have seen me talking about this on Twitter with him. 

I understand that it's because the 'older generation' couldn't go somewhere with a girl or a guy without it being assumed they're in a relationship. 

So next time I'm asked if Harry is my boyfriend, I'll say yes, for the lols. My new motto, for the lols. 

I just wanted to get that out. Also, Snapchat, can you please make your app available on older generation iPods, I want to be able to send Harry ugly selfies in the morning! 

Lots of love, Em xxx

Schöne Berlin Part 4: Last Day :(

Our alarms didn't go off, we missed breakfast, which I heard was amazing again.
I felt ill all day, because of the food the night before, and not having breakfast, and the German beer knocked me out because I was so tired. We got up, went to the wall museum, which showed you the last remaining piece of the Berlin wall, and then we went back to Alexander Platz, before picking up our luggage from the hotel and going to the airport.

The last day didn't really contain much, but it was a nice day.

We had an hour before we could check in, so we all sat around on the floor talking and a German lady came over offering us drinks she had bought, we said yes, because free drinks.
We checked in and had at least four hours before the flight. So we found a little Irish bar at the end of the airport, and had a coffee, before going to Burger King for dinner. We were then called to the gate and boarded the flight.

We had a turbulent landing which made me terrified, my teacher kept asking me if I was okay when we got off. I got through security, onto the coach, ordered a chinese takeaway and got home at 9pm, and went to bed at about midnight.

Berlin was an amazing experience. and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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Schöne Berlin Part 3: Sachenhausen Concentration Camp and Reichstag Building

Reader Discretion Advised (I will mark the end of my experience in the camp with a page break)

On the Saturday, we got up early, had another amazing breakfast and got on a coach to Sachenhausen Concentration Camp.

On arrival, we entered a building full of exhibits which I couldnt bring myself to look at. (I was being photographer, so everything here is accounts from other people, I tuned out and focused on my photography, blocking out the awful things that happened there.) We then walked down an incredibly long driveway, towards the gate to the camp and the beer store. Nigel took us through the gate, where my teacher made a joke to break the tension, and none of us were impressed he stayed quiet after that.
The gate. 'Work Sets You Free'

We went into the last remaining barracks, which had been arson attacked and preserved after. It had been turned into a museum full of things found in the camp, and on the bottom floor was a glass cabinet full of shoes, bits of clothing and bags and other various belongings. There were drawings around the room, and documents too. At the back of the room was a pair of striped pyjamas, clean, but obviously worn.

We left there and went into the prison block, this is where I let my guard down, I wasn't going to take photographs in there, but I did, with my guard down. Towards the back of the prison block, there were memorials in the cells, including one to the British victims. My friend who was walking with me just simply said 'rest in peace' and I nearly cried. I had to step back and take deep breaths before moving on. Before we had entered the building Nigel said to us 'When you leave the building, there is something some of you might not want to see, Turn right if you don't want to see it, turn left if you do.' When I left the building I turned left, to see three hanging posts. I was horrified.

We headed through the camp, all the old barracks were destroyed, but there was metal outlines where they used to be, each engraved with the number of the barracks. I found this hard too, as it was almost desolate. Now I can't remember whether we went into the kitchens next, but I will tell you about them anyway, we went into the basement, and found paintings made of fats from the foods, though we can't understand why they were there. There was one particular painting that fascinated me, and I never took a photo of it. It was of a lake, or a sea, with an island, and the little details included boats, birds, clouds and waves, showing how much they dreamed of freedom.
The memorial.

When we left there, we went into a memorial, there wasn't much information surrounding it, though it was heartbreaking to look at.

We then went to the hospital wing and mortuary. I was brave and went in the mortuary, and into the basement. It was cold and echoed. You can probably guess what was in there. The hospital wing was just an exhibit, explaining what it was used for. I didn't really read any of this, by this point I wanted to get out.

We headed out to McDonalds for lunch (Or McTransfat as my teacher called it) and had lunch before going to a museum. We were flagging again by this point, everyones feet were hurting and everyone was tired and stroppy, though they dragged us round the museum for an hour and a half before going back to the hotel for dinner.

After dinner (which was the worst one by far, it made me feel ill) we went to the Reichstag building. (Ill keep this short, theres not much to talk about anyway) which is basically a parliament building which you are allowed to go into, through security and everything. We went up the dome, and then back down, I took some photos, none of them were good.

The paths in the Reichstag Dome.
After this we walked past the Brandenburg Gate again, and then past the Jewish Memorial, the block one? We went in and it was so disorientating. The blocks varied a lot, though the floor was dipping and dropping, it was dark, which meant people could easily scare you at one end of the row.

We went back to Potsdamer Platz so my teacher could have another slice of cheesecake, and I went into a different bar and had a typical German drink, which I don't know the name of. It had raspberry syrup in and we had an ice cream sundae too. We went back to the hotel and stayed up again over the changing of the clocks, and went to bed at about 2am.

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My Favourite YouTubers.

Hello! Happy Saturday once again!
I am writing posts in bulk while revising for my exams so I have a post for you each weekend, that may be all you get during the exam season, but I know me and Kat have some serious fun stuff planned for you all during the May holiday we have.
We are also taking part in the RSPCA event the Big Walkies, (hopefully) and I will be vlogging the event as we go along.
But I'll tell you more about that another time because I want to do a top ten list of my favourite YouTubers.

Caspar Lee - Caspar (previously DiCasp)

This adorable South African caught my heart the moment I saw his channel. He's so lovely, and funny and he just makes me laugh all the time.
Caspar is 21, and now lives in London, though he is still known as a South African vlogger. He is also an actor, having worked on an African movie called Spud 3 with Troye Sivan. He has over 4 Million subscribers on his main channel and 1 Million on his second channel, morecaspar.
He has starred as a seagull in the new Spongebob movie, A Sponge Out Of Water, and I can say it is the most fun movie i've watched in a long time. I do love Caspar, and I believe this is one of his funniest videos. (Video - My Morning Routine)

Marcus Butler - MarcusButlerTV

Marcus Butler was one of my first YouTuber subscriptions. I was hooked on him from the start, as I genuinely find him hilarious. He currently lives in London with his girlfriend and fellow YouTuber, Niomi Smart. Marcus is 23 years old, and from Brighton.
He has over 3.4 Million subscribers on his main channel, and 1.3 Million on his second channel, moremarcus (are you noticing a pattern here?)
Marcus is a classic vlogger who everyone knows, and he has been a constant vlogger in my life. (Video - How Well Do We Know Eachother)

Louise Pentland - Sprinkle Of Glitter

Louise, what can I say about this beautiful woman. She is a queen and I love her so much. Her blog was one of the reasons I decided to start this one, so she is a big inspiration to me. She is 29 years old, and studied at a University in Liverpool, something which many YouTubers don't do. Her channel focuses on beauty and fashion, and skin care and baby! Her beautiful daughter Darcy is featured in her vlogs on her second channel, Sprinkle of Chatter, and she is amazing.
Her main channel has 2 Million subscribers and her second channel has 900K subscribers.
Her blog URL will be in my links below. (Video - Valentines Lush Haul!)

Tyler Oakley - tyleroakley

Tyler was also one of the first channels I subscribed to. He is like the gay best friend you never had. He is a 26 year old from Michigan, who makes 'Q and Slay' videos, as well as the annual Chicken Nugget Challenge with his college friend Korey Kuhl. He has a podcast, Pschobabble, which Korey presents too. He has done a lot of charity work for the Trevor Project, raising loads of money for the cause.
His channel currently has 6.8 Million subscribers and his second channel extratyler has 600K subscribers.
I will always have a special place for Tyler in my heart. (Video - Final Chicken Nugget Challenge)

Phil Lester - AmazingPhil.

The cute little puppy that is Phil Lester. A typical 28 year old geek. He is a huge fan of video games and Japan, including Anime. He is half of the dynamic duo that is Dan and Phil, and they do share a flat.
Phil was also one of the original YouTubers I subscribed too, and has always been a little cutie, I hope he never changes.
Phils main channel has currently got over 2 Million subs, his second channel, LessAmazingPhil, has over half a Million subs.
He also has a gaming channel with Dan, which hit 1 Million subs on March 8th 2015. (Video - Sleepless Night With Phil)

Dan Howell - danisnotonfire

Daniel Howell. My first YouTuber crush. I'm not kidding, I love him, I fancied him. The 23 year old is just a geeky as Phil, and even more awkward. I don't know what drew me to Dan. I think it was his dry sense of humour, though it could have been his hair.
Him and Phil had a BBC Radio show from January 2013 to August 2014, before BBC Radio 1 opened the slot to other YouTubers.
Dans main channel has over 4.5 Million subs, and his second channel, danisnotinteresting, is hardly used, (was mainly used for bloopers and little short videos). Dan and Phil regularly collaborate in videos known as philisnotonfire or AmazingDan. (Video - Dan Reacts to Old Videos)

Sacconejolys - LeFloofTV

Jonathan, Anna, Emilia and Eduardo Sacconejoly are and Irish daily vlogging family. Jonathan started the channel in 2009 doing short daily vlogs of him and his girlfriend Anna. They got married, vlogged it, had Emilia, and vlogged her birth, and that of her brother, Eduardo. They have six Maltese dogs, Albi, Sina, Theo, Bianca, Nivea and Nuvola (Nuvees). They currently have 900k subs. Jonathan and Anna also have their own channels, Jonathan Joly and Anna Saccone. (A double barrelled surname because Jonathan wanted to keep Anna's surname. SacconeJoly sounded better than JolySaccone.)
A must subscribe, I love these and feel a connection to their lovely little family. (Video - EVERYTHING CHANGED.. AGAIN!)

Alfie Deyes - PointlessBlog

Alfie has had a massive year, with the release of two books, and Amity Fest, he has really taken off with his daily vlogging and main channel videos. The 21 year old from Brighton has nearly 4 Million subs on his main channel, as well as 2 Million on his second channel, PointlessBlogTV. He also has a gaming channel where he collabs with other gamers such as MyNameIsChai and Joey Graceffa. Alfie still currently lives in Brighton with his girlfriend and pug, Nala.
(Video - PointlessBlog Best Moments 2014)

Zoe Sugg - Zoella (previously zoella280390)

This was a hard choice between Zoe and the next vlogger. Zoe Sugg is a 25 year old typical girl. She loves all things fashion and beauty and regularly does videos on tips for makeup and fashion and lifestyle. She was my other blog inspiration and I love her very much. She is from Wiltshire, though she now lives in Brighton with her boyfriend, and pug Nala. Yes. If you didnt guess she is Alfie's girlfriend. She has a book called Girl Online, and I love it. She has over 7 million subs and her second channel, morezoella, has over 3 million.

Joe Sugg - ThatcherJoe
Joseph Sugg is without a doubt my favourite YouTuber. I adore him. He makes me laugh all the time, and his relationship with Zoe makes my heart melt. The younger of the two Suggs at 23, he lives in London, flat sharing with Caspar. He is well known for his impressions, and constantly claims to not be a 'daily vlogger' even though he vlogs most of his life. He recently hit 4 Million subs on his main channel, ThatcherJoeVlogs has 1 Million subs. He has hold of my heart, quite literally, and I will continue to be a Sugglet for the rest of my days.

Well I hope that I showed you another side of  me and the people I am interested in online. Do let me know if i should do more top ten posts!

Lots of love, Em xxx

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Schöne Berlin Part 2: Stasi Prison and Underground Bunker

Jewish Memorial, all of them are women due to its initial placement, though it was moved here because Eastern Germany didn't want it. It stands at the point where the Jewish concentration camp victims met to be taken to their death.
Day Two we woke to the most amazing continental breakfast, different meats, cheeses, waffles, different jams and breads, coffee, hot chocolate and tea. It was so much better than the food the night before.

Corridor in the Stasi Prison, cells are down the inner side of the corridor to avoid windows, doors had 7 holes drilled in as a form of ventilation, which were covered anyway. They were heavy doors that slammed shut even if you just touched them.
We went to the Stasi Prison, it was horrifying, all the tales told by the guide about how the prisoners were treated. It wasn't physical, it was psychological and the scars they wore were mental. The cells were tiny, and you were alone in them. It was like solitary confinement. The only thing you knew was whether it was daytime or nighttime. The guards would shout at you, and call you by the number on your cell door. I was terrified just standing there. The main thing I remember was the interrogation room, where trained psychologists would talk calmly, call you by your name and repeatedly ask 'Why are you here, what have you done?' before leaving you to stew.

When we finally broke free of that horrible place, we went for lunch in a place called Alexander Platz. We found a little bakery called Back Werk, which was incredible. (we ended up going back on the last day, and I had the same thing)

We then went into an Underground Bunker, the guide was really funny and eased my fear of spending an hour and a half underground near some U-Bahn tracks. He warned us about Claustrophobia, and I automatically was like, 'I might have to leave' but I was perfectly fine. I wasn't allowed to take photos in there though, so I can't show you what it looked like.
There was one section that truly got me. There was a glass case, and in the corner was a blue and white striped dress, covered in blood stains. I nearly cried right there and then.

We then started to head back for dinner, while losing a member of the group and finding him at the hotel. We had an okay dinner, and then went to a place called Potsdamer Platz for drinks.

Spending 5 90 euros on one bottle of cider is not my idea of going for a drink but I paid it none the less, we then stayed up in the hotel, people getting even more drinks, before heading to bed at about 2:50 in the morning.

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Schöne Berlin Part 1: Flight There and Brandenburg Gate

Hi everyone! (apologies if the translation of the title is wrong, I wanted to put some German in my post, do let me know if its wrong I wanted to put 'Beautiful Berlin' as my title.) I said I was going to write about my experiences in Berlin. I know that some of the things I will write about in these posts are still very touchy subjects, so I will tell you now I did visit a concentration camp (part 3), and some of the images may upset you or offend you, if you feel like you cannot read it then don't, I don't want to upset anyone, I just want to tell people about my experiences in such a beautiful city.

I got to my college at 6:30am on 26th March. I was dead already. I found it hard to stay awake on the coach, but my friends managed to keep me awake by playing heads up. We had a 4 hour coach journey to Gatwick Airport, due to traffic we checked in, went through security and had 10 minutes before the gate closed. We all got food and ran for the gate, boarded the plane and left for Berlin Schönefeld Airport. The flight was turbulent to start with but was lovely the rest of the time. We landed in Berlin and it was a little rainy, but I was amazed anyway.

We got to the dorm in the hotel and had dinner, which wasn't great, but we ate it none the less. We met our tour guide Nigel, and went on a walk.

This is the main bulk of the day but I will describe the walk because it was pretty incredible.

Brandenburg Gate, taken on my phone, camera was in the hotel room.
We went on the Berlin Tube, S-Bahn and U-Bahn, to the Brandenburg Gate. When the Berlin Wall was still around, the Brandenburg Gate marked part of the border. Many people were shot here, and there are bullet holes in the columns, which I didn't manage to photograph. We then went further up the road to the Soviet Memorial, by this point everyone was flagging, it had been an incredibly long day. Nigel failed to tell us that this was a mass grave of about 35,000 people, which really creeped me out. There is marble at the base of the column, which is said to be from Hitlers Bunker, and said to have Swastikas on one side, hidden inside the column. We then trekked back to the hotel, showered in a temperamental shower, and slept.

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Revision Tips

I know I said I wouldnt be writing a midweek post this week, but I felt like I needed to talk about Revision and how different types of revision may work best for you.

Here's some revision techniques that I find helpful.

Reading over notes:
This can help if you can take in information easily just by reading, though some people find it easier for someone to read to them. I do both, this is also a good 'cramming' technique for the night before the exam, though I wouldn't recommend that, you'll brain fart and no information will go in.

COLOURS AND BOLD LETTERING! It makes you remember it. If you stick a colour scheme for one topic, then thinking of those colours will allow you to recall information.

Revising in different rooms:
If you revise one subject in your bedroom, another in the dining room, and so on, having a different room for each will also allow you to recall information easier. All you'll have to do is picture yourself revising in that room for that subject, and youll be able to remember information.

Spider diagrams:
Bubbles of information, kind of like the posters, though you have a topic in the middle and branch ideas from this. This is the revision I mainly do. I write down a topic, and a subtopic, and then branch off the information I need to know, using a colour scheme to remember the information.

I dont really use these as I find them tedious, but they are helpful for people. You can use past exam questions with the answer on the back, and then get someone to quiz you on that topic. or you can use facts and make up questions for your friends to ask.

Everyone revises differently, I'm not trying to push my revision techniques onto you, I just want to share my ways of revising with you, in hopes that you might take something away from this and find a way that really helps you.

Lots of love and good luck revising!
Em xx

P.S. I didnt really make a disclaimer on my last post about pride, I don't know how many of my readers are religious, or believe that pride is a sin, but I do apologise if I cause any offence, (I have had no backlash from that post or anything I just wanted to make sure you know I wasnt writing that to offend.)

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Is Pride Really a Sin?

Hi everyone!
Happy weekend! I hope you've all had a lovely week and are enjoying the British sunshine as much as I am, unless you're not in England, then I hope the weathers good where you are!

I had a music exam/recital on Wednesday, which went really well and I was very proud of myself, and others were proud of me etc. And then I got thinking (I do this a lot, I dont know why its not good for me) and thought, 'Why is Pride a sin?'

To me, Pride is one of the best feelings you can have within yourself, whether it be a good exam, or even just making it through the day. Being proud of yourself shouldnt be something that is damned. You shouldnt be told that you cannot be proud of yourself because a religion says 'Pride is a sin.'

I researched this a little and found that the meaning behind pride being a sin is people with a big ego. And I completely understand why its a sin, but the ordinary, 'I'm proud of myself for getting out of bed on such a hard day,' or 'I'm proud that exam went well,' or even 'I'm proud for making it through another day.' Thats not a sin.

I just feel that pride is something we need to feel to become more confident and courageous people, people who believe in themselves and have the right attitude towards life.

Today, I'm proud of myself because;
1. I finished a history essay.
2. I did well in my recital.
3. I made it through another day.

What are you proud of yourself for? Just have a think, and let me know in the comments!

All my love, Em x
P.S. There wont be any mid week posts next week, you are getting the low down on Berlin in four posts over the weekend so look out for that. I'll be back to normal the week after with a Saturday blog post:)

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A Little, One Sided Chat/Advice with Em.

I want to just have a chat.
A one way chat.

College is stressing me out, though I have finished an AS Level already, as my photography exam was done before I went to Berlin. I'm so done with everything to do with that place.
As you will see in Saturdays post, I had a recital yesterday, and it went really well, but the days leading up to it were the most stressful of my life. I felt sick all the time, I was a bag of nerves for ages and I struggled to concentrate in my lessons.

So I also just wanted to give anyone currently about to sit exams some advice.

Never let anything make you feel ill. As soon as it does, or if you can feel it starting to, stop, and walk away from it. 'Forget' about it for a while and let yourself rest. As soon as you get stressed, walk away from your revision and take a break, watch a YouTube video, or listen to some calming music.

If I help one person with this advice then I will have done what I wanted to achieve with this. Which was to let you know that I'm here for you, I will listen and help.

I love you all, Em x

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'Don't Forget About Me When Your Famous'

I was having a lovely conversation with Kat a few days ago, and she said 'I just want to say something' and then we went off on a tangent before returning to her original statement. 'Don't forget me when your famous' she said.

Who knows if I'll be famous, cause I certainly don't. It depends on me and how I work on this blog, how I push it and advertise it.

(Some shameless selft promo right here) Right now I'm publishing a link to every post on Twitter and Instagram while I sort out a Facebook page. If you would like notification of a new post, my twitter is @_emilay_ and my instagram is @emilymay.x so you can follow me there and receive instant updates when I tweet a link or post on instagram.

I would like this to go far and someday give me so many opportunities, but I can't do that without support, and the people who support me like Kat, and Hannah are the ones I'm thankful for and always will be thankful for.

So Kat, I wont forget about you 'when' I'm famous, and yes if it happens I'll go on tour with you ;)

All my love, Em.
Ciao! xxx

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Chosen Family.

Anyone who knows me well will know that I love watching YouTube vlogs, especially the SacconeJolys. I watched the vlog from Eduardo's birthday party, and Jonathan talked about his 'Chosen Family' at the end.

He says at the end of the vlog 'You don't really get to choose your family, you're kind of just thrown into it, and you'll like make friends and loose friends and every now and then you'll find a friend, a good friend and think 'this is a good friendship' and they become your family, your chosen family.'

This got me thinking and it links to my posts about loving yourself. Every now and then, you meet someone who really cares about you, and supports you, and wants to be around you. I've found that in Hannah, and Harry, Kat and even others including my buddy from English, Arron.

But, these friendships don't come along very often, and they're incredibly special. I'm thankful for the people I have, and the people who read this blog, thank you for reading it. I started this out as something I could do creatively, and its become something I want to continue and expand, so thank you for the support.

All my love, Emily x

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My Favourite Insta Photos

Hi everyone, doing something a little different today! I wanted to show you a couple of my favourite Instagram photos from my account, if you don't follow, a link will be at the end of the post, or you can search for me, 'emilymay.x' but these are a few of my favourite ones. I'll include the captions.
Nobody understands how much I love her. She's the best friend I could actually ever wish for. #one #direction #concert #1D

Bitches be copying our selfie poses @gebowler

This was only the first support act last night. #amazing #beautiful

My Baby :) <3 #pooch #beautiful #dog #loveher

Uncles dollars for Las Vegas #dollars #american #wanttogo

Picnic proms was faboo! @bethany_funnell xxx :* <3

My girl:3 xxxx #bestfriend #prom #love #lambrini

Em what are you doing @emileedevlinx @gebowler #prom # girls #bestfriends

These guys are the bomb dot com...

*airplane emoji*

Having to use a hot shoe to shoot my still life images. I'm too hot right now :( :( :( #photography #umbrellalight #shoot #hotshoe #dead

Brandenburg Gate #germany #berlin #nightphotography

London *british flag emojis* #daytrip #thames #river #london #britain

When checking makeup, always look up :) :) #photography #chandelier
Well those are a few of my fave insta posts. If you liked this type of post leave a comment so I know and I can do some more, Keep checking back for my Berlin posts, I have split those over four parts, each uploaded on the month anniversary of the trip.

Thanks for reading! Love to you all! 


Post Schedule.


I know my posts have been a little weird recently, but I am hoping to stick to a schedule, as this will allow me some down time each week from my revision and will allow me to give you all updates on how I'm doing throughout my exam period.

I hope to be uploading a post every Saturday at 6pm. Starting today. I'll do little mini ones during the week, though my main weekly post will be a Saturday, so even if I don't get any up during the week, you'll still get one on Saturdays.

Thank you for being so considerate and supporting me through this experience, it truly means so much.

Much love, Emily

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Love Yourself.

Hi everyone! I thought I would do a follow on post to 'Tell Them You Love Them' about loving yourself.

Throughout my 17 years, I have found that before you can truly love someone, you need to learn to love yourself. You need to know what you want in life, and at my age, you don't. You're probably sat there thinking, 'I know what I want to do when I grow up, I know what I want, I know myself.' You don't.

When I was choosing my A-Levels I had one job in mind, teaching. Whether that was teaching music, or history, English or photography, I really only believed I wanted to teach.

Then I started my blog.

I found that, writing this blog was something I didn't want to stop, and after taking a break from it to sort out my life with college and my personal life, I've decided I don't want to go to Uni, I want to stay where I am, earn a living and blog, hopefully starting something successful, and maybe even starting my YouTube channel properly.

An example of not knowing myself properly occurred this weekend, when I decided to have a my haircut, and when I say that, it's now sitting on my collarbones instead of my ribs. I spent so long avoiding it, thinking I wouldn't like it, but now its shorter than I was ever willing to go, and I love it. So at my age, you really are not sure of yourself.

I've found something I love to do, on my own little space in the internet which I will cherish forever, I thank the people who do look at my blog, and my one follower, even though its Kat.

Before you can love another, you must learn to love yourself. I've learned to love myself, therefore I can say, I love you.

Ciao xx

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Dear my school.

My lovely friend Kat sent me a video today. It honestly horrified me. And it wasn't a disgusting video. It was by Tom Laywood, a YouTuber whos bio simply says, 'I want to make people happy.' His video was called 'Dear my Secondary School/Sixth Form' and when I watched it, I honestly wanted to cry.

I can't sympathise with him at all, though I wanted to express my opinion on the stories he told. I'm honestly so done with hearing stories of people who have been let down by our school system in the UK.

I can tell you the story of my many maths teachers, all of which were supply and ultimately lead to me almost failing maths, after not being taught the things I needed to be taught. I had nothing to revise from, and only one person to help me, but that still didn't really work as she had a class to teach.

I also had this problem with Physics. My Year 11 physics teacher could not teach physics, she was a biology teacher, and had no interest in the subject, nor could she control the class.

So, Dear my Secondary School,
Sort out your staffing problem, you are ruining people, I wanted to do Psychology at A-Level and couldnt because my maths grade was not high enough, I loved physics and now I hate it because I didnt learn anything in my last year at school.
Sort out the problems people are having, causing people stress, and depression, and anxiety. You are helping to raise the next generation, and ruining it in the process.

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Teenage Blogger Central

Hi everyone! I thought I'd write a post about this amazing community for up and coming teenage bloggers! The Teenage Blogger Central blog is a place for teenage bloggers like myself to find others, get advice and get ideas for blog posts! 
I recently decided to get involved and I'm so glad I did! 
Head over and check out their blog! You might find yourself with new ideas and new blogs to read. 
I will add their link when I get home as I am blogging from my phone right now, 
Ciao! xxx 


Tell Them You Love Them.

So I don't really know what to write about, I just wanted to write a blog post.
I got back from Berlin on Sunday so expect a post about that soon with some photos! 

But what I realised most while in Berlin was how much I missed people and much people mean to me. I have a couple of close friends I can really count on, but these people mean to most anyone has ever meant to me before. 

My best friend Hannah, I missed hearing her talk about her ex and her new potential 'bae', and just hearing her voice and missing the 'banter' we had together. 

My other best friend Harry, I missed his laugh, the jokes we make in history, and the fact that he also had the chance to come with me, and keep me sane, but couldn't. I missed his voice and the way he speaks to teachers in a joking way. I just missed him.

And then there's Kat. I don't know how to describe Kat. I missed her hugs, her laugh, her jokes. Everything about her.

Spending time with these people today made me realise how much I take for granted on a daily basis.

Next time you speak to your best friend, or your parents, tell them you love them, because you might not get the chance to again.

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