Another Update, College is killing me.

Hi everyone, so you might be wondering where the blog post is about Chichen Itza, but I've been swamped with college work since I began to write it.
I'm sorry that this isnt really working this month, but I shouldnt have many more photography deadlines now as we're moving into exam work and yeah! My photography exam is next week, and then I'm in Berlin for the weekend on the 26th March, but over the Easter break I'll be posting a lot more. I'll be doing my favourites, the haul I've been wanting to do, but i have nothing to haul, haha.

Thank you for being patient, and sorry Ive been so inactive, I hope you have had a lovely start to your year, on the plus side I didnt break my foot this year.

Ciao! xx
(not leaving links, I need to sort them out.)

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