My AS Levels.

I thought I would give you the lowdown on being an English College student. 

I am in my first year at sixth form. This means I have four AS level subjects to study. English language, Photography, Music and History.

The best work load out of all of them is History, I don't have much to do at all, it's all remembering who was prime minister and why did this crusade fail, with a little more detail.

English Language is quite fun, mainly to do with the people I sit with, my good friend Kat, owner of the blog fastlanesandmascarastains (I think you should check her out) also does this, and she keeps me sane throughout coursework and Language development.

Photography is by far the worst one for work load. I have always got something to do for this, but I love it so I don't mind!

Music is by far my favourite, writing and performing music is my favourite thing to do, and I thank people everyday for the chance to do that. 

It's not just the subjects that make a college experience fun or hell, it's your friends, or the changes to your friendship groups that affect this. From personal experience, you will find new friends, you will find that the people you used to be so close to wont talk to you anymore, and you won't talk to them, and that's okay! You find yourself at college, you find people like you and people who understand you. Heck you may even find love at college, I haven't (yet) but that doesn't mean you won't!

Everyone has different experiences of college, and that's mine so far, and if this helps anyone with their decision to go to college, then I've impacted someone's life in a good way. 

I felt inspired by reading my friend Kats first post, I'm very proud of her for starting this because it's hard. I'm not going to beat around the bush, it's not easy running a blog, but hopefully, she sticks at it because I feel she'll be great, lots of love Kat! :)

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