Videos Galore!

Hi everyone! Sorry there was no blogpost last week, it was a mad week haha!

Three videos have gone up this week! I know! How mad? I'll insert them all below for you to watch :)

This is part of my photography work, took about an hour to shoot and two to edit. I had so much fun doing this omg!

This was also a part of photography work, but it isnt mine, I wanted to give Hannah, Adam and Beth a bit of credit on here, because I love this!

And I also have a main channel video going up! It links to my post about Disney Anthems! I loved filming this is brought so many memories from my childhood.

I hope you enjoy these videos, leave a comment on the post or the video, let me know if you enjoyed them! Give them a like, and subscribe if you're not already :)

Thank you for all your support <3

All my love, Em xxxx

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