Tell Them You Love Them.

So I don't really know what to write about, I just wanted to write a blog post.
I got back from Berlin on Sunday so expect a post about that soon with some photos! 

But what I realised most while in Berlin was how much I missed people and much people mean to me. I have a couple of close friends I can really count on, but these people mean to most anyone has ever meant to me before. 

My best friend Hannah, I missed hearing her talk about her ex and her new potential 'bae', and just hearing her voice and missing the 'banter' we had together. 

My other best friend Harry, I missed his laugh, the jokes we make in history, and the fact that he also had the chance to come with me, and keep me sane, but couldn't. I missed his voice and the way he speaks to teachers in a joking way. I just missed him.

And then there's Kat. I don't know how to describe Kat. I missed her hugs, her laugh, her jokes. Everything about her.

Spending time with these people today made me realise how much I take for granted on a daily basis.

Next time you speak to your best friend, or your parents, tell them you love them, because you might not get the chance to again.

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