My Story So Far.

I wanted to write a post about myself, and explain more about who I am and what I want to do, so heres my story so far!

I was born on 5th December 1997, at about 6am. It was a cold, dreary Friday morning, and my dad cried. I don't know much about my early childhood, but I know that when I first went to nursery my mum couldn't bare to leave me, and cried almost the entire day. This is also the time I met Hannah. She is a few months older than me and I don't even remember how we became so close, I just know that we did.

I can't remember much of my childhood, but I do remember moving from primary school to middle school, which also meant me leaving Hannah. I did make new friends, but I don't think I felt comfortable without her. I can remember one teacher than was a constant support for me there, always making me laugh and making sure I was okay, and I thank him for that. He was the face I needed to see every morning. I remember telling Hannah that we had got into the same secondary school, she screamed down the phone. This is where I began to learn to play the clarinet, I am still with the same teacher now, about to take my grade 7 exam.

Secondary school was the beginning of hell. Year 7 was great. Though by the end of the year we were two schools combined. Everything changed at this point. New teachers, new buildings, new everything. It destroyed the whole atmosphere of the previous school. (this is the school I was talking about in my post 'Dear My Secondary School') Everyone was annoyed at the merge of the two schools, and no one could believe they went ahead with the decision, after students and teachers made their opinions known. From that point, all they focused on was image. I know a lot of students say this but this is actually true. My school 'didn't care' about the education. Not the high up staff anyway. One teacher would confiscate phones merely for having them in your hand. not using them, just putting it away or holding it. Another would make you have your tie a certain length, theres many more cases, some of which I can't remember. It eased off when I met the best form tutor ever, I'm not going to mention her name because of protection and stuff, and she didnt like being on the internet, so I'm respecting that. She supported me in the best way anyone ever had. She was a maths teacher, and helped me when I found it hard, especially in years 10 and 11 when it really mattered. Throughout my time there I was messed around so much, and it hindered me in my exams. I revised all I could, I used all the materials I had, all the resources I could find, and still, because I hadnt been taught things, I couldnt do the simpler things like mental division. I am so bad at maths, and I'm so glad I dont really need it now.

I did well in my GCSEs, all things considered, and moved to my sixth form college, King Edward VI Nuneaton, and I have not enjoyed studying as much as I do now. I have the support I need, the teachers that will help me in any way possible, and the friends I know love me.
I do hope to go to university one day, as I said in my YouTube video on Monday, but I don't think I would have been able to make that choice without the support of the people at KEGS (fondly named after being a grammar school before a sixth form college).

In a way, I'm thankful for the failure the school made, and how the experiences I had there shaped me as a person. Though some things I have left out, because I know that I don't want to write about the bad times in my life, I found it hard to skip them, but I felt like I couldn't immortalise them on this blog when this is an escape for me to get away from those.

All my love, Em xxx

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