What Do You Want To See?

Hello! I hope you enjoyed Saturday's post about my life so far, I thought it would be something a little different. Though I want to know what you want to see from me on this blog and on my YouTube Channel, I do want to do some tutorials, though I don't personally use some products because of my skin, I breakout easy with new things so I don't use foundations or concealers, bronzer, blusher or other face makeup like that, though I can show you some of the eyeshadow looks I tend to do a lot.

I really would like your input on this so I know what you want to see! 
I will do videos that I like to watch, I would like to do a sims series at some point, but that probably won't be until the future when I can fully dedicate myself to this blog and my channel. 

But right now I can do sit down videos for you all where I chat, and answer some questions! 

I'd love to know what you think! Leave a comment or send me a tweet or something and let me know what you like watching on YouTube or reading on blogs 

All my love, Em xxxx

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