Spotify Playlist.

Hello guys! Happy Saturday once again! I hope you are all well whilst im busy revising for my exams.

I thought I would do a Spotify playlist for you of all the songs Ive been loving recently. I've found it hard to keep up this blog, and revise at the same time. So I decided to make a playlist for you. There's a wide range of music in this playlist, and to be honest, I really love it, theres a lot of different types of music in there.

Favourites <3

Theres a couple of 'joke' songs in there but I felt that because Ive been loving them you need to hear them, so enjoy the couple of hours with my music taste, I hope you agree with the choices!
I'm sorry this is a short post, but I had no idea what to write for you all, though in a couple of weeks time I will be uploading videos, including a makeup tutorial so get EXCITED!

Let me know what you think in the comments!

All my love, Em xxx

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