Schöne Berlin Part 4: Last Day :(

Our alarms didn't go off, we missed breakfast, which I heard was amazing again.
I felt ill all day, because of the food the night before, and not having breakfast, and the German beer knocked me out because I was so tired. We got up, went to the wall museum, which showed you the last remaining piece of the Berlin wall, and then we went back to Alexander Platz, before picking up our luggage from the hotel and going to the airport.

The last day didn't really contain much, but it was a nice day.

We had an hour before we could check in, so we all sat around on the floor talking and a German lady came over offering us drinks she had bought, we said yes, because free drinks.
We checked in and had at least four hours before the flight. So we found a little Irish bar at the end of the airport, and had a coffee, before going to Burger King for dinner. We were then called to the gate and boarded the flight.

We had a turbulent landing which made me terrified, my teacher kept asking me if I was okay when we got off. I got through security, onto the coach, ordered a chinese takeaway and got home at 9pm, and went to bed at about midnight.

Berlin was an amazing experience. and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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