Schöne Berlin Part 2: Stasi Prison and Underground Bunker

Jewish Memorial, all of them are women due to its initial placement, though it was moved here because Eastern Germany didn't want it. It stands at the point where the Jewish concentration camp victims met to be taken to their death.
Day Two we woke to the most amazing continental breakfast, different meats, cheeses, waffles, different jams and breads, coffee, hot chocolate and tea. It was so much better than the food the night before.

Corridor in the Stasi Prison, cells are down the inner side of the corridor to avoid windows, doors had 7 holes drilled in as a form of ventilation, which were covered anyway. They were heavy doors that slammed shut even if you just touched them.
We went to the Stasi Prison, it was horrifying, all the tales told by the guide about how the prisoners were treated. It wasn't physical, it was psychological and the scars they wore were mental. The cells were tiny, and you were alone in them. It was like solitary confinement. The only thing you knew was whether it was daytime or nighttime. The guards would shout at you, and call you by the number on your cell door. I was terrified just standing there. The main thing I remember was the interrogation room, where trained psychologists would talk calmly, call you by your name and repeatedly ask 'Why are you here, what have you done?' before leaving you to stew.

When we finally broke free of that horrible place, we went for lunch in a place called Alexander Platz. We found a little bakery called Back Werk, which was incredible. (we ended up going back on the last day, and I had the same thing)

We then went into an Underground Bunker, the guide was really funny and eased my fear of spending an hour and a half underground near some U-Bahn tracks. He warned us about Claustrophobia, and I automatically was like, 'I might have to leave' but I was perfectly fine. I wasn't allowed to take photos in there though, so I can't show you what it looked like.
There was one section that truly got me. There was a glass case, and in the corner was a blue and white striped dress, covered in blood stains. I nearly cried right there and then.

We then started to head back for dinner, while losing a member of the group and finding him at the hotel. We had an okay dinner, and then went to a place called Potsdamer Platz for drinks.

Spending 5 90 euros on one bottle of cider is not my idea of going for a drink but I paid it none the less, we then stayed up in the hotel, people getting even more drinks, before heading to bed at about 2:50 in the morning.

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