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I know I said I wouldnt be writing a midweek post this week, but I felt like I needed to talk about Revision and how different types of revision may work best for you.

Here's some revision techniques that I find helpful.

Reading over notes:
This can help if you can take in information easily just by reading, though some people find it easier for someone to read to them. I do both, this is also a good 'cramming' technique for the night before the exam, though I wouldn't recommend that, you'll brain fart and no information will go in.

COLOURS AND BOLD LETTERING! It makes you remember it. If you stick a colour scheme for one topic, then thinking of those colours will allow you to recall information.

Revising in different rooms:
If you revise one subject in your bedroom, another in the dining room, and so on, having a different room for each will also allow you to recall information easier. All you'll have to do is picture yourself revising in that room for that subject, and youll be able to remember information.

Spider diagrams:
Bubbles of information, kind of like the posters, though you have a topic in the middle and branch ideas from this. This is the revision I mainly do. I write down a topic, and a subtopic, and then branch off the information I need to know, using a colour scheme to remember the information.

I dont really use these as I find them tedious, but they are helpful for people. You can use past exam questions with the answer on the back, and then get someone to quiz you on that topic. or you can use facts and make up questions for your friends to ask.

Everyone revises differently, I'm not trying to push my revision techniques onto you, I just want to share my ways of revising with you, in hopes that you might take something away from this and find a way that really helps you.

Lots of love and good luck revising!
Em xx

P.S. I didnt really make a disclaimer on my last post about pride, I don't know how many of my readers are religious, or believe that pride is a sin, but I do apologise if I cause any offence, (I have had no backlash from that post or anything I just wanted to make sure you know I wasnt writing that to offend.)

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