Dear my school.

My lovely friend Kat sent me a video today. It honestly horrified me. And it wasn't a disgusting video. It was by Tom Laywood, a YouTuber whos bio simply says, 'I want to make people happy.' His video was called 'Dear my Secondary School/Sixth Form' and when I watched it, I honestly wanted to cry.

I can't sympathise with him at all, though I wanted to express my opinion on the stories he told. I'm honestly so done with hearing stories of people who have been let down by our school system in the UK.

I can tell you the story of my many maths teachers, all of which were supply and ultimately lead to me almost failing maths, after not being taught the things I needed to be taught. I had nothing to revise from, and only one person to help me, but that still didn't really work as she had a class to teach.

I also had this problem with Physics. My Year 11 physics teacher could not teach physics, she was a biology teacher, and had no interest in the subject, nor could she control the class.

So, Dear my Secondary School,
Sort out your staffing problem, you are ruining people, I wanted to do Psychology at A-Level and couldnt because my maths grade was not high enough, I loved physics and now I hate it because I didnt learn anything in my last year at school.
Sort out the problems people are having, causing people stress, and depression, and anxiety. You are helping to raise the next generation, and ruining it in the process.

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