'Don't Forget About Me When Your Famous'

I was having a lovely conversation with Kat a few days ago, and she said 'I just want to say something' and then we went off on a tangent before returning to her original statement. 'Don't forget me when your famous' she said.

Who knows if I'll be famous, cause I certainly don't. It depends on me and how I work on this blog, how I push it and advertise it.

(Some shameless selft promo right here) Right now I'm publishing a link to every post on Twitter and Instagram while I sort out a Facebook page. If you would like notification of a new post, my twitter is @_emilay_ and my instagram is @emilymay.x so you can follow me there and receive instant updates when I tweet a link or post on instagram.

I would like this to go far and someday give me so many opportunities, but I can't do that without support, and the people who support me like Kat, and Hannah are the ones I'm thankful for and always will be thankful for.

So Kat, I wont forget about you 'when' I'm famous, and yes if it happens I'll go on tour with you ;)

All my love, Em.
Ciao! xxx

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