A Little, One Sided Chat/Advice with Em.

I want to just have a chat.
A one way chat.

College is stressing me out, though I have finished an AS Level already, as my photography exam was done before I went to Berlin. I'm so done with everything to do with that place.
As you will see in Saturdays post, I had a recital yesterday, and it went really well, but the days leading up to it were the most stressful of my life. I felt sick all the time, I was a bag of nerves for ages and I struggled to concentrate in my lessons.

So I also just wanted to give anyone currently about to sit exams some advice.

Never let anything make you feel ill. As soon as it does, or if you can feel it starting to, stop, and walk away from it. 'Forget' about it for a while and let yourself rest. As soon as you get stressed, walk away from your revision and take a break, watch a YouTube video, or listen to some calming music.

If I help one person with this advice then I will have done what I wanted to achieve with this. Which was to let you know that I'm here for you, I will listen and help.

I love you all, Em x

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