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Hello! Happy Saturday once again!
I am writing posts in bulk while revising for my exams so I have a post for you each weekend, that may be all you get during the exam season, but I know me and Kat have some serious fun stuff planned for you all during the May holiday we have.
We are also taking part in the RSPCA event the Big Walkies, (hopefully) and I will be vlogging the event as we go along.
But I'll tell you more about that another time because I want to do a top ten list of my favourite YouTubers.

Caspar Lee - Caspar (previously DiCasp)

This adorable South African caught my heart the moment I saw his channel. He's so lovely, and funny and he just makes me laugh all the time.
Caspar is 21, and now lives in London, though he is still known as a South African vlogger. He is also an actor, having worked on an African movie called Spud 3 with Troye Sivan. He has over 4 Million subscribers on his main channel and 1 Million on his second channel, morecaspar.
He has starred as a seagull in the new Spongebob movie, A Sponge Out Of Water, and I can say it is the most fun movie i've watched in a long time. I do love Caspar, and I believe this is one of his funniest videos. (Video - My Morning Routine)

Marcus Butler - MarcusButlerTV

Marcus Butler was one of my first YouTuber subscriptions. I was hooked on him from the start, as I genuinely find him hilarious. He currently lives in London with his girlfriend and fellow YouTuber, Niomi Smart. Marcus is 23 years old, and from Brighton.
He has over 3.4 Million subscribers on his main channel, and 1.3 Million on his second channel, moremarcus (are you noticing a pattern here?)
Marcus is a classic vlogger who everyone knows, and he has been a constant vlogger in my life. (Video - How Well Do We Know Eachother)

Louise Pentland - Sprinkle Of Glitter

Louise, what can I say about this beautiful woman. She is a queen and I love her so much. Her blog was one of the reasons I decided to start this one, so she is a big inspiration to me. She is 29 years old, and studied at a University in Liverpool, something which many YouTubers don't do. Her channel focuses on beauty and fashion, and skin care and baby! Her beautiful daughter Darcy is featured in her vlogs on her second channel, Sprinkle of Chatter, and she is amazing.
Her main channel has 2 Million subscribers and her second channel has 900K subscribers.
Her blog URL will be in my links below. (Video - Valentines Lush Haul!)

Tyler Oakley - tyleroakley

Tyler was also one of the first channels I subscribed to. He is like the gay best friend you never had. He is a 26 year old from Michigan, who makes 'Q and Slay' videos, as well as the annual Chicken Nugget Challenge with his college friend Korey Kuhl. He has a podcast, Pschobabble, which Korey presents too. He has done a lot of charity work for the Trevor Project, raising loads of money for the cause.
His channel currently has 6.8 Million subscribers and his second channel extratyler has 600K subscribers.
I will always have a special place for Tyler in my heart. (Video - Final Chicken Nugget Challenge)

Phil Lester - AmazingPhil.

The cute little puppy that is Phil Lester. A typical 28 year old geek. He is a huge fan of video games and Japan, including Anime. He is half of the dynamic duo that is Dan and Phil, and they do share a flat.
Phil was also one of the original YouTubers I subscribed too, and has always been a little cutie, I hope he never changes.
Phils main channel has currently got over 2 Million subs, his second channel, LessAmazingPhil, has over half a Million subs.
He also has a gaming channel with Dan, which hit 1 Million subs on March 8th 2015. (Video - Sleepless Night With Phil)

Dan Howell - danisnotonfire

Daniel Howell. My first YouTuber crush. I'm not kidding, I love him, I fancied him. The 23 year old is just a geeky as Phil, and even more awkward. I don't know what drew me to Dan. I think it was his dry sense of humour, though it could have been his hair.
Him and Phil had a BBC Radio show from January 2013 to August 2014, before BBC Radio 1 opened the slot to other YouTubers.
Dans main channel has over 4.5 Million subs, and his second channel, danisnotinteresting, is hardly used, (was mainly used for bloopers and little short videos). Dan and Phil regularly collaborate in videos known as philisnotonfire or AmazingDan. (Video - Dan Reacts to Old Videos)

Sacconejolys - LeFloofTV

Jonathan, Anna, Emilia and Eduardo Sacconejoly are and Irish daily vlogging family. Jonathan started the channel in 2009 doing short daily vlogs of him and his girlfriend Anna. They got married, vlogged it, had Emilia, and vlogged her birth, and that of her brother, Eduardo. They have six Maltese dogs, Albi, Sina, Theo, Bianca, Nivea and Nuvola (Nuvees). They currently have 900k subs. Jonathan and Anna also have their own channels, Jonathan Joly and Anna Saccone. (A double barrelled surname because Jonathan wanted to keep Anna's surname. SacconeJoly sounded better than JolySaccone.)
A must subscribe, I love these and feel a connection to their lovely little family. (Video - EVERYTHING CHANGED.. AGAIN!)

Alfie Deyes - PointlessBlog

Alfie has had a massive year, with the release of two books, and Amity Fest, he has really taken off with his daily vlogging and main channel videos. The 21 year old from Brighton has nearly 4 Million subs on his main channel, as well as 2 Million on his second channel, PointlessBlogTV. He also has a gaming channel where he collabs with other gamers such as MyNameIsChai and Joey Graceffa. Alfie still currently lives in Brighton with his girlfriend and pug, Nala.
(Video - PointlessBlog Best Moments 2014)

Zoe Sugg - Zoella (previously zoella280390)

This was a hard choice between Zoe and the next vlogger. Zoe Sugg is a 25 year old typical girl. She loves all things fashion and beauty and regularly does videos on tips for makeup and fashion and lifestyle. She was my other blog inspiration and I love her very much. She is from Wiltshire, though she now lives in Brighton with her boyfriend, and pug Nala. Yes. If you didnt guess she is Alfie's girlfriend. She has a book called Girl Online, and I love it. She has over 7 million subs and her second channel, morezoella, has over 3 million.

Joe Sugg - ThatcherJoe
Joseph Sugg is without a doubt my favourite YouTuber. I adore him. He makes me laugh all the time, and his relationship with Zoe makes my heart melt. The younger of the two Suggs at 23, he lives in London, flat sharing with Caspar. He is well known for his impressions, and constantly claims to not be a 'daily vlogger' even though he vlogs most of his life. He recently hit 4 Million subs on his main channel, ThatcherJoeVlogs has 1 Million subs. He has hold of my heart, quite literally, and I will continue to be a Sugglet for the rest of my days.

Well I hope that I showed you another side of  me and the people I am interested in online. Do let me know if i should do more top ten posts!

Lots of love, Em xxx

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